Broken Clouds 35° Good Evening
Broken Clouds 35° Good Evening

Time to make the donuts

Right around this time every year I feel like that guy from the old Dunkin Donuts commercial. Walking around in the morning like a zombie, spraying flour everywhere, getting his hand stuck in the crueller machine, muttering in the darkness, "Time to make the donuts."

I'm not alone. The players feel that way, too. It's a cruel thing when spring training starts. We cover a sport that plays at night, often quite late. But for six weeks, we're up at the crack of dawn, so it's an adjustment, and that's what's happening inside my head at the moment. And also explains why I had to hit the snooze button five times. I believe that adds up to about 50 minutes of additional frenzied, half-sleep, so I'll take what i can get.

Anyway, as for the baseball part, it only made sense to check in on the rotation with Sandy Koufax's visit to camp yesterday. My flight to the PSL was a little later, so I wasn't part of the early workout scene, but I'll be there today. Maybe leaning against the fence, chewing on the straw of an iced coffee, but you do what has to be done. I should be fully awake by Thursday.


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