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Today's lineup -- Francoeur's not in it

    At least Jeff Francoeur still has his sense of humor.
Francoeur held a 30-minute closed-door meeting with manager Jerry Manuel this morning when he found out he wasn't in the Mets' lineup against the Phillies. Manuel had said on Saturday that Francoeur was going to platoon with Fernando Martinez, but Francoeur held out hope for a reprieve after hitting his second game-winning home run in a week – the only two wins the Mets had on this road trip before today’s game.
Francoeur and Manuel both exited the meeting laughing. Francoeur wasn’t able to talk his way into the lineup, but he did get some vague assurances of more playing time than just against lefties.
“You’re going to see Frenchy playing against righthanders,” Manuel said. “I still think that Frenchy brings a lot.”
Francoeur, who hit a home run in the seventh inning on Saturday for the only run in the Mets’ 1-0 win, said the meeting with Manuel was “just talking pretty much the same stuff as [Saturday]” – when he met with Minaya and general manager Omar Minaya separately.
“I basically told [Manuel] I want some opportunities next week, especially facing some righties,” Francoeur said. “I don’t know where that’s going to go or what’s going to happen.”

Here's the lineup:

Reyes SS

Pagan RF

Beltran CF

Wright 3B

Davis 1B

Martinez LF

Thole C

Tejada 2B

Dickey P


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