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Turnaround is all on Alderson

General manager Sandy Alderson provides hope that the Mets will improve. However, when and how are the operative words as the clock ticks toward the 2011 season. Nothing happened during the winter meetings.

That recalled, to some of us who covered the team in the later 1970s, a period that Hall of Fame writer Jack Lang referred to as the ``Do Nothing Mets.’’  The teams languished under bad deals and misguided ownership.

Lang wrote how management considered retrieving foul balls hit into the stands to save money and washing baseballs that got dirty during play so they could be reused in future games. The mascot was a mule, an undeniable metaphor for the many asinine ideas of running a team.

To save some bucks, hotdogs became standard fare in the press room for the ink stained wretches assigned to covering the team.  That led to Lang referring to the team as the ``Save a buck Mets.''

Then, the Mets started to charge reporters for meals for the privilege of covering the team. I once had blood drawn during a physical and my doctor said it appeared as if there was bologna in my blood.

Alderson is, by all accounts, a good baseball man and he has a plan and deserves the time to execute it. But was it prudent for Alderson, who has a mess on his hands with his team, to mock the Nationals signing of Jayson Werth to a $126 million deal? 

Alderson’s  line, ``I thought they were trying to reduce the deficit in Washington’’ was witty, but the general manager is in no position to chide any other team, especially one in his own division. Former GM Frank Cashen, the last link to the Mets' success,  would have never gone there.

If Werth becomes the next Mets killer, it’s on Alderson. So is every move the GM makes.


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