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Good Afternoon

Valentine hopes to raise funds for Japan

Bobby Valentine, who managed the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan in 1995 and from 2004-2009 is planning a relief effort in the aftermath of last week's earthquake. 

"The place that we played, my team, was built right on the coast in Chiba, built on a landfill which now is actually being compromised and the stadium might be slipping into the Tokyo Bay,” Valentine told WCBS.

Valentine wll ask ballplayers to place some of their memorabilia up for auction to raise money for the Red Cross. 

“It’s the same feeling that so many of us had after 9/11 and after Katrina,”  Valentine said.  “There’s so much to do and so much a feeling of void that you can’t do enough or you really don’t know where to start.''

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