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What Mets Players are Doing for Father's Day

In the vain of Ray Kinsella's last line in Field of Dreams, "Hey... Dad? You wanna have a catch?" Mets players shared memories about their fathers and the game of baseball:


Jonathan Niese said that Father’s Day is diminished only for the fact that he calls his day everyday or every other day: “[Father’s Day] means a lot. My dad was always there for me as a kid. He’s pretty much the reason today I’m here playing ball.”

Rod Barajas gets presents in the form of drawings from his kids on Father’s Day. His family is coming in from San Diego to celebrate with him after Sunday’s game: “I have a great relationship with my father. He worked hard. He made sure I had what I needed to play this game and he always worked hard to make sure that happened.”

“I used to bring [my father] breakfast,” Barajas added. “I’d do anything for him. I’d try to give him a day off. That’s what Father’s Day is all about.” He laughed when asked if his kids will give him Sunday off and be Santana’s battery mate.

Ike Davis is heading fishing in the early Monday hours with his father, former Yankee pitcher Ron Davis: “Father’s Day is a lot of days for me because we go fishing, watch football. That's the point, to acknowledge, to say thanks of helping create me. I try to make my dad feel special every day.”  

R.A. Dickey is happy just to see his family, which is coming up from Nashville, Tenn., to celebrate with him. “[I’m happy] just to exist with them. We haven’t seen each other in a couple of weeks, so just to see them is enough of a Father’s Day present.”

Jose Reyes will honor his father when Father’s Day is celebrated in the Dominican Republic next Sunday. He plans on being woken up by a pack of hug-hungry wolves: “It means a lot to me because I have three daughters. It’s a big feeling for me. They let you know how important you are on that day. They jump on me to wake me up. It’s great.”

Angel Pagan lost his father years ago, but he celebrates his life on Father’s Day: “My father, he passed away. It’s a way to remember him, to honor him [for] the way he raised me up. We’re not just talking about the baseball player, but the person. I am who I am because of him.”

The Reyes’ and the Pagans are planning to celebrate Father’s Day together by going out to eat. Pagan joked that he’ll pay for the bill, but with $9 million due this year, Reyes assertively dismisses any chance of that.

Pick up Sunday’s issue to find out how Johan and his father will celebrate Sunday' s rubber match between the Mets and Yankees.

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