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What's wrong with Reyes? And when does he get back?

The Mets said last night that Jose Reyes has an overactive thyroid and the team's doctors were performing further tests on the shortstop to figure out a course of treatment. A few hours later, ESPN Deportes' Enrique Rojas spoke with Reyes, who said he was fine and didn't even have an overactive thyroid.

“The specialists who took care of me in New York have told me that I’m fine and that there’s nothing wrong with my thyroid… We just have to wait for the results of the additional test.  The [doctors] found inflammation in my throat and no medicine to treat the thyroid or any other condition has been prescribed.” 

There's any number of possibilities in between. One doctor I spoke to said in many cases an overactive thyroid simply calms down on its own and there is no need for medication. That could very well be the case with Reyes. That doesn't mean he didn't have an overactive thyroid - even Reyes said his levels were "over" last week. It just means that his condition was not very serious to begin with.

Anyway, if that's the case, it's obviously good news for Reyes and the Mets. Now the focus will have to be on getting him back in camp and making sure his legs are in shape again before he plays in a game. I imagine that shouldn't take very long - maybe, in the best-case scenario, Reyes can play again on Sunday.

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