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Who runs the Mets?

Fair questions to ask: Who runs the Mets, Fred Wilpon or his son, Jeff? Who makes the decisions, Fred or Jeff?  Are the two involved in a power play or grab?

 ``Ownership is not happy with the direction of the team,'' Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon was quoted last July when his general manager, Omar Minaya, supposedly came close to losing his job. Not much was heard from his father and principal owner.

A year later, the Mets are no better off, but Fred Wilpon yesterday attached the sun rising to Minaya's chances of coming back next season. That went to a 100 percent guarantee in this morning's cloudless sky. 

Is that a decision shared by Jeff or an edict made by Fred? Does Jeff have any choice but to agree?  

Is Fred taking a more active role by making the semi-announcement of Minaya's return?  On another issue, isn't it embarrassing to Jeff for his father to virtually dismiss as ``just talk'' Jeff's published remarks that the Mets and Islanders were trying to develop a ``synergistic'' relationship?  

The Yankees quickly sorted out whether Hal Steinbrenner, or his brother, Hank, would run the team when father George stepped aside. After some bluster from Hank, it was clear that Hal was the winner. 

Jeff, the COO, isn't going to stage a coup on his dad, but the Mets would be wise to speak with one voice.  

The final question--whose will it be?

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