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Will Mets be buyers or sellers?

Baltimore pitcher Kevin Millwood reacts after committing a

Baltimore pitcher Kevin Millwood reacts after committing a balk against the Yankees. (June 3, 2010) Credit: Christopher Pasatieri

Baseball will soon move into the buyers and sellers portion of the season. Quite simply, that is a period when teams decide if adding a player or two can enhance a run at the playoffs or, for losing teams, it is a time to unload players (and contracts) and pick up some futures for next season.

The Mets, of course, can make one manic on this subject with their contenders-at-home, pretenders-on-the-road record. That said, the team is just three games out of first place in the NL East (trailing the Braves and Phillies) and of equal importance, three games out in the Wild Card. That is a buyer.

If the Mets decided they are buyers, which apparently is the hardest part of the equation with this up and down team, they certainly could use a second baseman and at least one starting pitcher.

You’ve heard Orioles’ infielder Ty Wigginton, a former Met, mentioned along with pitcher Kevin Millwood. The Mets will be in Baltimore later this week. Nothing will happen over the weekend, but it could be something of a showcase showdown for interested buyers.

Assuming the Mets are in that category.

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