A trip to the opposition city for a World Series game this year carries a basic price tag of between $988 and $1,348 for a single ticket, air fare and a hotel room, according to travel and ticket websites.

The cheapest trip could be Game 1 Tuesday night in Kansas City, at $988 -- $305 for a stadium ticket and $683 for a round-trip plane ticket and a hotel room, according to a news release from the websites priceline.com and tiqIQ.com.

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The game with the highest minimum cost is shaping up to be Game 2 in Kansas City, which could run to $1,348 -- $303 for a single ticket and $1,045 for air fare and hotel, the websites said.

The first game in New York, on Friday, could cost $1,219 -- $641 for the lowest-price available Citi Field ticket and $578 for air fare and a hotel room in Queens, according to the websites.

Prices were the best available as of Monday, a spokeswoman for the websites said, but are subject to change based on availability. However, travel pricing will generally stay in the same range, with a slight increase as the date gets nearer, the spokeswoman said.

"Essentially, the sooner the reader is able to act on these deals, the more likely they are to get the lowest prices," spokeswoman Jaime Lusher said. "The average rates provided are a great, stable way of checking how good a deal is for certain games,"