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Worried? Not Jeff Francoeur

Jeff Francoeur showed up today at Citi Field with a newly repaired left thumb and a positive outlook on the Mets' chances for 2010 -- even after Black Monday, when Roy Halladay was traded to the Phillies and John Lackey signed with the Red Sox.

"I know a lot of people signed in the last couple days and yesterday was a big day," Francoeur said. "But I think we’d pretty much agree our team is not just one person we need. We need three or four different pieces to make this team a playoff team and that’s what they’re doing.

"It’s not necessarily the one big guy for $100 million you’ve got to do, but get three or four nice pieces that are going to make this team good. I don’t think there’s any need to have to jump the gun and do it. I know, between trades and that, I’m sure they’ll put a good team together for us to go to spring training. There’s still two months. I’m not panicked about that."


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