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Sandy Alderson praises former Mets acting GM Zack Scott, explains why he fired him

Sandy Alderson said acting general manager Zack Scott

Sandy Alderson said acting general manager Zack Scott "generally speaking did an excellent job for us." Credit: Jim McIsaac

CARLSBAD, Calif. — Heaping praise on the executive he fired last week, Mets president Sandy Alderson called Zack Scott "a good man" who "did an excellent job for us," so much so that he considered retaining Scott as the Mets’ general manager.

But instead owner Steve Cohen and Alderson dumped Scott, who is awaiting a Dec. 8 trial for his August driving while intoxicated case. The primary issue seemed to be timing. The Mets are looking for a GM — Scott’s replacement — and weren’t going to know about Scott’s status for another month-plus.

"We had to sit down and really analyze his situation and our situation and just concluded it was best to make the change," Alderson said at the GM meetings. "The general uncertainty around the situation he faced and not knowing how that uncertainty would be resolved in December. I think we felt that it was just best for us, and potentially for him as well, that we made that decision. I’ve talked to him, wished him well."

Alderson brought up Scott unsolicited while answering a question about how long it is taking the Mets to hire a new head of baseball operations and how the club is functioning without one. He mentioned the baseball calendar — with the offseason getting started in earnest as of last week — as a reason for moving on from Scott.

"By the way, in my view, Zack did an excellent job for us," Alderson continued. "Thought he was constantly working the wire and trying to make the club better. Obviously it was his first year acting as the general manager so there were going to be mistakes. I make mistakes every year. And so there were a few of those, but generally speaking he did an excellent job for us."

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