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MLB 'looking into' Yuri Sucart on road with A-Rod

Hilarious story by The New York Daily News that Alex Rodriguez's cousin Yuri Sucart has been spotted on the road with the Yankees. Major League Baseball spokesman Patrick Courtney confirmed that the league is looking into the situation.

But legally, I don't see what MLB or the Yankees can do about it besides politely saying to A-Rod, "Hey, can you do us a favor and stop taking your cousin on the road? It looks bad."

Don't even try to insinuate that this means A-Rod is using illegal PEDs again. There are tests for that now, and besides, unless Sucart has masterminded the invention of a new, test-beating drug that only he can administer, you could have emptily accused A-Rod of this prior to the disclosure of this new information.

I love, by the way, that people get all heated up over MLB "looking into" something. It's MLB's job to look into everything. If they didn't, we'd accuse them of being lax.

"Hey, MLB, A-Rod's cousin is at the team hotel." "We're looking into it."

"Hey, MLB, Brett Gardner ordered 'Just Go With It' off the team hotel TV." "We're looking into it."


Have a great day.

--UPDATE, 1:48 p.m.: The matter is now closed, MLB says, and Brian Cashman adds some pointed remarks on it. Anyone who thought A-Rod was in jeopardy, please report directly to law school.


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