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MLB extends minor-leaguers' pay, benefits through May 31

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred speaks to the media

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred speaks to the media at the owners meeting in Arlington, Texas, on Nov. 21, 2019. Credit: AP/LM Otero

Major League Baseball took care of its minor-leaguers Tuesday by announcing that weekly salaries and medical insurance have been extended until May 31 or the start of their seasons, whichever comes first.

Just last week, MLB worked with the Players Association on an agreement to grant service time for the 2020 season, no matter the length, and also advance a total of $170 million to current rosters, a hedge against no baseball happening at all this year.

On Tuesday, MLB announced that its minor-league players will receive $400 per week for the next two months, with the exception of those signed to major-league contracts or ones “receiving housing, food or other services” from teams. Also, in what MLB described as a “procedural matter,” major-league clubs won’t be supplying their minor-league affiliates with players due to the national emergency stemming from the coronavirus outbreak.

Back on March 13, MLB had extended the salaries and benefits for minor-leaguers through April 8.

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