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MLB remains on Fox, Turner through 2021

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in the Fox

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in the Fox booth during an MLB broadcast. Credit: Fox

Major League Baseball, Fox and Turner announced new TV contracts Tuesday that will keep the World Series and League Championship Series on those networks through 2021.

The deals, which take effect in 2014, join a recently announced extension with ESPN that will bring MLB a total of $12.4 billion over the eight-year period -- more than double its existing set of television contracts.

Fox will continue to carry the World Series and All-Star Game, and Fox and Turner will continue to show one LCS each year. Fox will return to Division Series coverage, carrying two of the four, with Turner the others.

MLB Network will carry two Division Series games each season from an LDS assigned to Fox.

During the regular season, Fox will double its national windows on Saturdays from 26 to 52, with some of those games expected to be shown on a yet-to-be-announced cable channel that would replace the Speed Channel.

Turner will reduce its regular-season Sunday package from 26 to 13 games, but those no longer will be blacked out in the markets of the participating teams.

Might the increased TV revenue that will flow to MLB teams help keep ticket prices in check?

"We've held the line on ticket prices," commissioner Bud Selig said. "Baseball doesn't get enough credit for that. We wouldn't be drawing this stunning number of fans if the ballpark experience and the price of tickets wasn't within reach of families.

"Ticket prices have to be sensitive to families. I think we have been, remarkably so by comparison to almost everything else in the entertainment business . . . and we will continue to be."

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