Good Evening
Good Evening

My favorite day, 2011

 Greetings from a wet and chilly Yankee Stadium. This is my favorite day, but these are not my favorite weather conditions. Looking at the forecast, it seems like there's a decent chance they'll get the game in.

Anyway, this is my 22nd Opening Day in a 24-year span - included in that run are two home openers, as opposed to season openers - and indeed, it never gets even one percent less thrilling. Love it.

In 2008, I documented my first 18 openers. In 2009, I included the 2008 game. Last year, I included the 2009 game. Do you see where we're headed here?

21. April 4, 2010. Red Sox 9, Yankees 7, at Fenway Park. In a fun game that foreshadowed virtually nothing about the season to come - well, except maybe for Josh Beckett's struggles, Jorge Posada's increasing defensive ineptitude behind the plate and Chan Ho Park's uselessness - the rivals exchanged body blows before Boston prevailed late.

Have a great Opening Day and a great season. 

--Here's my column from yesterday's Yankees workout.

--Jason Bay will very likely start the season on the disabled list, and in news that should appease JE, Nick Evans has cleared waivers and has been outrighted to Triple-A Buffalo. So he's around, if the Mets want to use him.

(Speaking of JE, here's his annual baseball write-up for National Review Online).

--Jason Isringhausen has agreed to remain as Mets property for two weeks, a smart compromise for both sides. 

--Johan Santana feels weird staying behind as the team breaks camp.

--The Mets want $200 million for a minority share of their team, The New York Times reports.

--All right, check back here later for more updates. And you still have time to enter our predictions contest.

(For the full story behind this amazing song, read Paul Lukas' write-up on Uni Watch).


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