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My thoughts on the Hall of Fame results

Sorry, I know I'm as late posting on this as Johnny Drama was to his audition for "Five Towns" on this episode of "Entourage." But I have a good excuse.

Roberto Alomar was kind enough to let me into his Queens home today, to watch him wait and - he hoped, and I and most others assumed - receive his good news. The story became dramatically different once Alomar found out at 2:00 - just like all of the civilians - that he hadn't made it.

It was quite a scene, and I'm going to write a story on it for tomorrow's Newsday; here's the insta-story I wrote for our Web site. For now, though, thoughts on the results:

I'm disappointed, naturally. After all, I voted for seven players, and none of them was Andre Dawson. Which means, I suppose, that I went 0-for-8.

Even more than disappointed, I'm surprised. I really thought the tide was turning philosophically. With Zack Greinke and Tim Lincecum getting the Cy Young Awards based on hard-core statistical analysis, I figured that trend would carry over into the Hall of Fame ballot.

With these results, however, it would seem to me that a few too many people penalized Alomar and rewarded Dawson for, if you will, "character" issues.

But hey, it's all in the spirit of debate. Voting for the Hall, in my mind, is a direct violation of a journalist's mission, which is to cover the news rather than make it. As long as this system is in place - and I remain convinced the system will be overhauled sooner than later - I'm going to vote. Because it's fun, and because it's good for business.

--I'm getting a little tired of Hank Aaron's complaints about Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and their ilk. If Aaron really has such a problem with what went down, then he should publicly call out both the union leadership and Bud Selig. But he won't, because he and Selig are, well, buds.

What makes Aaron's stuff so much worse is that he's advocating Hall of Fame induction for Pete Rose. When, as we all agree, what Rose did was a far greater crime than what the illegal performance-enhancing drugs guys did.


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