Good Morning
Good Morning

Pop quiz and 7th-inning stretch

In the 1960 film "Where the Boys Are," a musical composition is titled, "A Meeting Between Shakespeare and . . ." what Hall of Famer, "on Hampstead Heath"?

People impacted by the Ryan Howard extension

Albert Pujols, Cardinals. He will unquestionably become the game's highest-paid player by 2012.

Jayson Werth, Phillies. Don't see how the Phillies find the money to pay him.

Prince Fielder, Brewers. Fielder's agent Scott Boras will try to get more than Howard.

Big-market teams that will pass on the first-base sweepstakes

Yankees. They have Mark Teixeira signed through 2016.

Mets. They hope that Ike Davis is a low-budget answer.

Dodgers. They haven't spent anything approaching nine figures on a player since the McCourts took over.

Injury of the week

Philadelphia's Ryan Madson broke his big right toe when he kicked a chair.

Intriguing call-up of the week

Texas summoned promising young first baseman Justin Smoak and handed him the everyday job.

Quote of the week

"The baserunning's below average. The defense is below average. Why is it? Because he got a new deal? I can't tell you." - Dodgers GM Ned Colletti, calling out star player Matt Kemp.

Pop quiz answer

Satchel Paige. Thanks to Rob Edelman of Amsterdam, N.Y., for the suggestion.

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