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78° Good Afternoon

Quick hits: Johnny Damon, Ryota Igarashi and Omar Minaya

Sorry for the brief entry this morning, but I'll be at the Curtis Granderson news conference at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees, meanwhile, are basically nowhere with Johnny Damon, and this will be a huge test for the Brian Cashman reign. With Hideki Matsui and Mike Cameron off the board, it makes a great deal of sense to bring back Damon to serve as a DH-leftfielder. But the Yankees are insisting that they have a budget to which they must adhere.

Would they seriously go with an Opening Day outfield of Melky Cabrera in leftfield, Curtis Granderson in center and Nick Swisher in right? They might be able to get away with that, given how well their catchers and infielders hit.

Perhaps, if Damon stands his ground regarding salary demands, the Yankees would delve into the DH market, where there is plenty of inventory; George King reports today of the Yankees' discussions with old friend Nick Johnson. But their first choice is clearly bringing back Damon.

--The Mets are going to sign Ryota Igarashi as a potential setup man, and that certainly appears to be worthwhile investment. And a better utilization of resources, after they blew so much of their budget on relievers.

--Frequent commenter James K., whom I met last night at the aforementioned Mets blogger event, smacks down the notion that Omar Minaya favors Latino players. In a related story, Newsday has learned that Jason Bay is not Latino.

All right, I'll check in after the news conference.

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