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Read and listen to documents from investigation in MLB's Biogenesis case

Documents related to Major League Baseball's investigation of the performance-enhancing drug scandal involved Biogenesis and Alex Rodriguez are embedded below.

They include documents supplied by MLB in response to a subpoena from Florida police investigating whether or not MLB investigators knew they were purchasing stolen documents.

Also included is the supplemental police report about Porter Fischer's car being broken into in the Boca Raton area. Below that you will find embedded audio recordings from the police's interview with Fischer and their interview and subsequent arrest of Reggie St. Fleur.

Forensic analysis of Gary Jones' USB drives given to MLB


Voicemail transcript between MLB investigator and Gary Jones



Boca Raton Police follow-up report of break-in to Porter Fischer's car


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AUDIO: Police interview Porter Fischer

AUDIO: Police interview and arrest Reggie St. Fleur

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