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Realignment, Jose Reyes and Russell Martin

No games for me this weekend. Enjoying life in a super-secret location. Happy Father's Day to Steve from South Amboy and all of the other dads out there.

--For my Sunday Insider, I wrote about realignment, MLB labor talks, Endy Chavez and Brian Gordon.From speaking with people for this story, I'd bet on the Astros switching from the NL Central to the AL West. That would give us these two revised divisions:

AL West: Houston, Angels, Oakland, Seattle and Texas.

NL Central: Cubs, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.

The Astros haven't been a real threat in the NL for a few years now, and they might get pummeled in the American League at the outset of this switch. But geographically, it gives the Astros and Rangers three easy, high-drawing, intra-state trips each (and then the difficult, far away three trips each to the California teams). And the NL Central travel would become considerably easier.

Most encouraging of all is that both the owners and players want to do this at least partly because, simply, it's the right thing to do. It's remarkably silly to have one four-team division and one six-team division.

--At the Mets game, David Lennon wrote about Jose Reyes and Scott Boras, a baseball business marriage that Reyes insists won't be happening. I was taken aback when I saw Ken Rosenthal's initial story about Boras' courtship of Reyes, as Reyes has a very close relationship with his representative Peter Greenberg.

I don't know whether Reyes is being wholly truthful, but his narrative - that Boras has been trying to chase him down - doesn't reflect well on Boras, who often says that he takes on major-league clients only if the player reaches out to him. But the reality is this happens everywhere, with pretty much everyone. Boras is just the best at it, so he gets the most attention.

In any case, I don't regard this latest update as good news for Mets fans who want to bring back Reyes. As Lennon writes, there's zero reason to think that Reyes is going to give the Mets any sort of discount, no matter who's representing Reyes.

--Tom Seaver offered some wise counsel to the Mets regarding Reyes.

--Carlos Beltran went deep.

--A Long Island dad will be honored today at Citi Field.

--The Yankees won in Wrigley Field, and Russell Martin won his teammates' praise for blocking the plate during a key sixth-inning play.

--Eduardo Nunez lived up to his profile yesterday: Worse hands than Derek Jeter, and more pop in his bat.

--Barbara Barker went to Trenton and wrote a good story on Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances.

--Have a great day.

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