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Good Morning

Roger Clemens, Buck Showalter and playoff odds

Very quiet here at Yankee Stadium. Not much actual news. With a 10-game homestand against Oakland, Toronto and Baltimore starting tonight, this is about as good a chance as the Yankees have to put Tampa Bay behind them as we head toward the postseason.

Andy Pettitte said, "I feel real good," a day after throwing a bullpen session - the next one comes Wednesday - but as I listened to Pettitte, I thought of Roger Clemens.

The U.S. government arraigned Clemens today in Washington, and they're aiming for an April trial. And this presents one more reason while I'm starting to believe this might actually be Pettitte's final season in baseball.

Yes, Pettitte was enjoying an outstanding season, prior to suffering his groin injury. But this injury served as a reminder of how punishing the game can be. And now, in a completely different realm, Pettitte is looking at "star witness" status in the Clemens hearing.

Is Pettitte really going to want to be in the public spotlight while this case is going on? Is he going to want to take leave from the team because he has to fly to Washington to testify? Is he then going to want to come back to the Yankees and deal with all of the media questions?

This is purely speculation, but that doesn't seem consistent with his personality. We'll let the season play out, of course, but in the last few months, the conventional wisdom has gone from "No way he's done" to "Maybe he is done."

--I was remiss this morning in not linking to David Lennon's interview with Buck Showalter that ran yesterday. I agree with Lennon: Showalter would've been a great fit for these Mets. At least, until they reached the playoffs...

--The Reds announced that they will recall Aroldis Chapman tomorrow. With Stephen Strasburg out, he becomes the must-see young arm of the moment.

--Just for the heck of it, here are the latest PECOTA-adjusted playoff odds

--Have a great night.

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