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Saturday reading: Francisco Rodriguez, R.A. Dickey and Hall of Fame voting

Off the Mets game, I wrote the column about Francisco Rodriguez that I promised to produce prior to last night's game. Rodriguez will undergo anger-management treatment, David Waldstein reported for The New York Times. You'd think that could only help.

Props to R.A. Dickey for following up a Johan Santana shutout with one of his own. Dickey has become one of the best 2010 stories in all of baseball. And whatever we want to say about these Mets, we can't say that they folded up the tent once K-Rod melted down.

--The Yankees lost a dreaded double-rain-delayed game, and one more Andy Pettitte thought: I wonder if this setback, and the notion of injuries and rehab altogether, will impact his decision on whether to come back for 2011. With the way Pettitte had been pitching, his return for next season appeared a slam-dunk. Yet given how much Pettitte talks about being home for his family, spending all of this time in Tampa can't be very appetizing.

--NaOH alerted me to these two pieces - this, and then this - from Tom Tango, concerning Tango's suggestions for improving the Hall of Fame voting process. The "Holy Writers" shot is disappointing - I've had what I thought were positive e-mail exchanges with Tango, and I only referenced my moral/intellectual superiority 6-7 times per e-mail - but his ideas make some sense.

Tango is basically looking for coverage on the bubble candidates. The "Ask Me Later" idea allows writers to grant them some respect (and future consideration) without a full-fledged vote. I'd have no problem with these revisions. Then again, I'd have no problem if the Hall decided to dismiss the BBWAA and go in a different direction altogether.

--My final link is a stretch for a baseball blog, but considering that big-league pitcher Willie Banks played for this guy, I think we can get away with it: Legendary St. Anthony (of New Jersey) basketball coach Bob Hurley was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame last night. Tremendous.

--Have a great day. I'll be at Citi Field tonight and will check in with anything good concerning K-Rod's return.


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