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Good Morning

Saturday reading: Javier Vazquez, Francisco Cervelli and the Mets' healthy scratches

 At the Yankees game, I wrote about Javier Vazquez, who whiffed on a chance to score some points with Yankee Universe. I can't say for certain whether Vazquez "choked," or any such thing. But if you want to be worried about him, wonder why his velocity was down.

--Just watched the replay of Francisco Cervelli's dropped pop fly, and Vazquez clearly impeded his catcher from getting to the ball. After the game, Vazquez lamented not calling for the ball himself. And while you typically don't want your pitcher catching pop flies, this was one was so easy that Vazquez probably should've just taken it.

The irony is, perhaps if Jorge Posada were catching, he wouldn't have moved as quickly toward the ball, and Vazquez would have had no choice but to catch it. But Vazquez and Posada haven't worked together since Vazquez's awful streak at the beginning of the season, so that explains that one.

And as we discussed before the game - and last week, when the Yankees initially acquired Lance Berkman - the addition of Posada put Berkman on the bench last night. Berkman proceeded to largely look overmatched, as Joel Sherman wrote.

--The Mets lost again, as Bobby Parnell apparently decided it was his turn to be the goat. More intriguing, however, is  that the Mets scratched Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada from their game at Triple-A Buffalo. Can't see them being traded, not after the Mets protected any and all prospects at the trade deadline.

Rather, as David Lennon suggested in his notebook (linked below), the duo could be headed to the Mets to replace veterans being dealt like Alex Cora or Jeff Francoeur. Stay tuned.

--Jason Bay isn't getting better from his concussion, and at this point, the Mets might as well let Bay take the rest of the season off to recuperate, hope that he heals over the winter and start fresh next year.

--I'll be at the Stadium again today. Have a great day.

--UPDATE, 12:37 p.m.: Well, the mystery has been solved, and it's not that exciting, but kudos to the Mets for biting the bullet on Cora and avoiding that Vesting Option of Doom, to steal a phrase from Amazin' Avenue. With 62 games played this season, Cora needed to play in just 18 more games to activate a $2-million option for next season.

I suppose the Players Association will do its due diligence, to make sure the Mets didn't cut Cora solely to avoid vesting the option. But it will be an uphill battle, thanks to Cora's .265 OBP and .278 SLG.

Someone asked on a recent live chat whether Cora would be released shortly, and I said no. My bad. In this case, kudos to the Mets for pinching some pennies, and for tossing aside their own silly narrative about Cora's supposedly superhuman leadership skills.

--Oh, and also, the Red Sox signed Carlos Delgado. Would love to see Delgado take part in a meaningful September, just because it's fun watching him hit.

--UPDATE, 2:49 p.m.: Good Lord, what a busy baseball day. Alex Rodriguez has now been scratched from the Yankees' lineup with what the team called a lower left leg contusion. X-rays are coming.

How did it happen? A-Rod was fielding third base during batting practice when Lance Berkman, hitting righty, smoked a ball right at A-Rod. A-Rod hopped from third base to centerfield, behind a protective screen, and collapsed to the ground, writing in pain. Team trainer Gene Monahan and an EMT booked out to see him, and A-Rod eventually limped off the field without any assistance.

More info as it comes.

UPDATE, 4:24 p.m.: The x-rays on A-Rod's lower left leg were negative.

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