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Saturday reading: Johnny Damon, Carlos Delgado and aging players in general

Here's my column on the Yankees and Johnny Damon, regarding the furor that just won't die. Just to be a contrarian, I'm going to predict now that the Yankes' outfield turns out to be just fine, and that come July, their focus will be on acquiring another starting pitcher.

(But don't hold me to that. It's the emotions talking.)

By the way, you'll see that where Brian Cashman is quoted, twice there is "--" replacing a word. The missing word is "sucks."

--The Blue Jays have expressed an interest in both Damon and Carlos Delgado. You'd think Delgado would be a particularly good fit, given his history with Toronto and Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston. He did hit well in Puerto Rico, in a small sample size. He just barely played the field.

--And speaking of Damon and Delgado, the always interesting Dave Cameron wrote about a potentially new market inefficiency: Aging players. It's amazing how many people still think "Moneyball" was about getting players with on-base percentage. It was about how Billy Beane and the A's exploited market inefficiencies, and how OBP just happened to be the inefficiency at the time the book was reported.

It does appear, with the low contract that Damon will likely have to sign, that older players are being undervalued. If Damon signs something similar to the one-year, $5.5-million deal the Yankees gave Nick Johnson, then the Yankees obviously would've been better off with Damon. They just never figured Damon's price would drop so dramatically.

--Should I lower the dignity of this blog to mention that the Mets signed Josh Fogg? I'm reluctant. Hey, Fogg does have postseason experience! Just like John Smoltz, Fogg has started a World Series game. So in that regard, Fogg and Smoltz are identical.

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