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Saturday reading: Phil Hughes, Mike Bloomberg and Sandy Alderson

Full disclosure: I didn't attend the Yankees' and Twins' workouts yesterday at Yankee Stadium. But thanks to the magic of ASAP Sports, I was able to see what Phil Hughes and Joe Girardi had to say, and that allowed me to write the column I had in mind about Hughes, anyway. 

Statistically, this isn't a great setup for Hughes. He pitches better on the road than at home, and better against righty hitters than against lefty hitters, and many of the Twins best batters hit from the left side (and, you know, the game is at Yankee Stadium). He gives up a good amount of fly balls that are more likely to fly out of the Stadium than they would have Target Field.

Spiritually, though, we'll see what these Twins have left. They looked like a beaten down team late Thursday night at Target Field. Maybe a nice night out in New York will clear their heads. Maybe not.

--New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg publicly mused yesterday about the Yankees' World Series victory parade, and I'll bet you $5,000 of Ron Gardenhire's money that the Twins' skipper will make sure his players see this. But again - is it too little, too late?

--Joba Chamberlain has slipped down the Yankees' food chain, and it'll be interesting to see what happens with him this winter. He's eligible for salary arbitration, so he'll be due for a raise. Will the Yankees at least listen to offers on him? Wouldn't surprise me at all if they do.

--Lance Berkman doesn't think he'll be a Yankee next season. I agree. But good for him for having his big moment in Thursday night's Game 2. He is an eminently likeable man

--it'll cost you 40 bucks to park at Yankee Stadium tonight. Outrageous, no matter whose fault it is.

--The Phillies beat the Reds again, and again the featured a controversial umpire's ruling. I haven't seen the replay as I write this, but I'm sure that Major League Baseball officials have. 

Speaking of which, players, umpires and league officials will meet on Dec. 3 to discuss the state of the game. Every bad call - and there have so many already, it's ridiculous - pushes us closer to the reality of expanded replay.

--Did you stay up for Braves-Giants? If you didn't, you missed a classic. Wow! From Bruce Bochy going (unsuccessfully) to Brian Wilson for a six-out save, to Billy Wagner leaving the game with an oblique injury, to the 5-4-3 double play that Troy Glaus turned to end the 10th, to Rick Ankiel's splash homer. Phenomenal. So at least we have one competitive series.

--Sandy Alderson will likely interview with the Mets next week, and if Alderson wants the job, I don't see how the Mets don't give it to him. He'd be an absolute dream candidate, as we've been discussing for a few days now.

--Self-promotion alert: I'll be on WFAN at 1:45 today with Steve Somers, talking ball.

--Have a great day.


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