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Saturday reading: Tim Teufel, Bartolo Colon and Larry Rothschild

No column in today's Newsday. Instead, Jim Baumbach and I produced a news story that Tim Teufel, the '86 Mets and current manager of the franchise's Triple-A Buffalo affiliate, is being sued by Irving Picard. Just like the Wilpons, the people who got Teufel into this mess.

One key difference: Teufel's situation is a straight clawback suit, for $1.23 million. There's no "knew or should've known" element to it, as there is with the Wilpons, who of course are being sued for far more money.

We thought the story was interesting because it reflected just how deeply the Mets organization has been impacted by the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme implosion. Teufel began investing with Madoff in 1995, two years after he retired from playing. While he wouldn't get into any details about his involvement, you could craft a common-sense theory that Teufel called Fred Wilpon for a job at that time, and that Wilpon said, "Hey, you know where you should invest?"

--In Tampa, Erik Boland wrote about Bartolo Colon and spoke with Colon's old Cleveland skipper Mike Hargrove. If you look at Colon's career since 2005, you can see how much the Yankees much temper their expectations with him. If they get a good month out of him, either as a starter or as a reliever, the Yankees should consider their investment a success.

--New Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild has been scheduling early bullpen sessions for some of his key pitchers, a practice Rothschild has been using for a long time, he says.

As a journalist, and as someone who loves the game, I would enjoy watching, say, Roger Clemens, Orlando Hernandez, Mike Mussina, Andy Pettitte and David Wells throw alongside one another simultaneously. It would  make for a great visual (Quick, prize-less trivia: Name the one year these five pitched on the same staff). But it certainly makes more sense for Rothschild to look at two key guys at once, rather than all five of them.

--Finally, a late congratulations to my friend and colleague Mark Herrmann, who won an APSE honor this past week for his story on Phil Mickleson's Masters victory. Our baseball preview section from last year received Honorable Mention.

--I'm in Fort Myers and will see the Red Sox today. Have a great day. 

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