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Stony Brook AD responds to Pierzynski slight

A.J Pierzynski, a 15-year veteran now with the White Sox, took a little pot shot at Stony Brook's baseball team and the pairings for the College World Series while appearing on MLB Network on Tuesday.

"Somehow they gotta find a way to reseed these brackets," he said. "Shouldn't the No. 1 overall seed get like Stony Brook or something like that in the College World Series, instead of like the other really good team in the bracket?"

Well, Stony Brook athletic director Jim Fiore responded Wednesday morning to Newsday's Steven Marcus.

"He's like a cricket," Fiore said of the Bridgehampton-born Pierzynski. "You hear them, but they don't make a peep when you're getting near them because they know we will step and crush them. He should be careful because I might have [Joe] Nathan accidentally lose control of his fastball next time he faces him."

Nathan, the only SBU alum in the majors, is the closer for the Texas Rangers.

SBU head coach Matt Senk had no comment on the comments.

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