Good Morning
Good Morning

Subway Series Game 1 in review

At Game 1, I wrote about Terry Collins, the fine job he's doing and how he evokes - for me, at least; contrary to the headline, I don't know that Mets fans concur - memories of Bobby Valentine.

If I were a Yankees fan, I wouldn't get too worked up over last night. Freddy Garcia pitched more than capably, and the Yankees' lineup had very little experience against this version of R.A. Dickey, who looked like his 2010 self.

If I were a Mets fan? I'd be very happy right now. They're really playing some good baseball right now. What a great play by Jose Reyes on Alex Rodriguez to end the fifth inning. And in addition to Dickey, Jason Isringhausen and Francisco Rodriguez both looked terrific in pitching a dominant eighth and ninth inning, respectively.

--I neglected to mention last night that A-Rod canceled the appointment to get his hip examined. There doesn't appear to be any cause for concern with the hip, based on how well A-Rod has hit the last few days.

--I thought the crowd was somewhat subdued. But I feel like it's been that way a few years now with these games. Maybe it's just the new stadiums and their more tame audiences.

--The Dodgers' Andre Ethier is in some hot water for making an inappropriate gesture to a  photographer during pre-game batting practice. I'd expect something along the lines of a fine and an apology for Ethier.

--Meanwhile, even when the Dodgers win, they lose...a player, as Jon Weisman shows here. I woudln't have known this if not for the magic of Twitter.

--Have a great day. And hey, if today is truly's been grand. Dennis, since I assume you'll survive, please share our tale with the next generation.


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