Good Morning
Good Morning

Subway Series Game 1 in review

Not a bad first game. The Yankees won, and it was entertaining until the Yankees broke it open with a run each in the eighth and ninth innings. 

For my column, I wrote that this Holiday Weekend of Good Feelings (still open to suggestions on that one) is in danger of changing tones because the Mets don't have much room for error.

To me, what stuck out most in this game was the Mets' inability to deliver with runners in scoring position. They went 2-for-10. Ivan Nova and the Yankees' relievers deserve some credit, of course, but the Mets' hitters must take some blame.

--As for the Jose Reyes play at third base in the seventh inning, ...bad decision by Reyes - with one out and Carlos Beltran coming up, you shouldn't take that kind of risk - and bad call by umpire Jerry Layne. As Terry Collins understandably said, he can't scold Reyes, because that's who Reyes is, and who Reyes is explains why the Mets still have a puncher's chance in the NL wild-card race.

--Johan Santana threw a bullpen session on Wednesday, but given that he's not yet in a "spring training" period, and we're here on July 2, it's hard to see Santana making any sort of significant contribution to the 2011 Mets season. Just as it has been all along.

--The Mets will host a very special guest at today's game.

--Alex Rodriguez's representative denied that A-Rod has been playing in high-stakes poker games. 

--On a completely different note, great column in The New York Times, by Jonathan Mahler, on why the government's pursuit of Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong aren't worth it. Amen to this one.

--Have a great day.

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