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Good Evening

Subway Series Game 2 in review

At Game 2, I wrote about the Yankees' offense, which - as we've been discussing among the regulars here - I believe to be unfairly beleaguered. 

There's obvious room for improvement, and I recommend some (rather obvious, admittedly) changes. But everything in life is relative, and the Yankees wake up this morning leading the American League in runs scored.

The "overreliance on home runs" point is interesting, and as deadline quickly approached last night, I searched what percentage of the Yankees' runs were homer-generated in the 2009 World Series. The answer: Eight of 32, which is 25 percent - considerably less than the Yankees' current 52.2 percent.

After my deadline passed, I delved further, looking at the Yankees' complete 2009 postseason. In the ALCS against the Angels, 10 of their 33 runs came from homers. And in the ALDS against the Twins, nine of their 15 runs came from homers.

For the entire postseason, 27 of their 80 runs - 33.8 percent - resulted from homers.

It's an interesting point of discussion. I just think that the Yankees are already doing the hardest part, which is getting guys on base. It's not as hard to drive home those guys from scoring position. 

--Of course, the day's biggest news came off the field, as Gary Carter announced that he has "four very small tumors" on his brain and will have them examined Thursday. Thoughts and prayers to Gary and his family.

--In the wake of last week's Jorge Posada meltdown, Mark Herrmann examined some other departures of Yankees icons.

--A.J. Burnett pitched better, Erik Boland writes, although I also give credit to Joe Girardi for lifting Burnett once he sensed that the flighty righty was approaching his expiration date. Much better managing of Burnett than in Burnett's previous start, last Monday at Tampa Bay.

Meanwhile, as Boland notes, the Yankees leapt from third place to first place in the AL East, thanks to losses by Tampa Bay and Boston.

--Girardi said that Jorge Posada isn't a platoon DH now, but Girardi's actions belie his words. The Yankees faced their fourth lefty starter in the past week last night in Chris Capuano, and Posada didn't start against any of them.

--Derek Jeter had a good night.

--Daniel Murphy will work on his footing at first base, in light of a couple of controversial umpires' calls involving him.

--For my Sunday Insider, I wrote about Roy Oswalt, Buck Showalter and a few other people and things.

--Self-promotion alert: I'll be on "Fox Sports Extra" tonight at 10:30 on Fox 5 in New York, discussing all things New York baseball with Duke Castiglione.

--Have a great day.

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