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Overcast 34° Good Morning

Sunday reading: Alex Rodriguez, the Mets and a look ahead

For my Sunday Insider, I gave my annual Baseball Person of the Year award to Alex Rodriguez. As I explain every year, the award goes to the person in baseball who reminds us of how unimpressive a species we are. A-Rod won this award in a romp. Honestly, I'm not even sure who would be the runners-up.

In a true Christmas (Festivus?) miracle, my entire Sunday Insider is on the Web. As is my 7th-Inning Stretch, which is something I usually don't even bother mentioning here.

Notice the Pop Quiz, and that the question came from a reader. I'm always looking for reader suggestions for baseball mentions in popular culture. Just e-mail me at

--I wrote a column urging Mets fans to relax, regarding this frustrating offseason.

--Nice decade wrap-up by Tyler Kepner of the New York Times, who is movin' on up from the Yankees beat to be the Times' national baseball writer.

--And...I'm outta here, assuming no big news occurs today (yes, I'm aware of the jinx potential). Vacation officially starts tomorrow. I'm already at one super-secret location, and after a brief stop at home, I'll hit another such locale for New Year's.

As of now, the schedule calls for me to be back on the clock come Monday, Jan. 18th, but I won't be able to stay away fully. Looking forward to this holiday week, perhaps the quietest week of the year, I'm planning only two entries:

1. My Hall of Fame ballot. I think that's sort of self-explanatory.

2. Datelines of the decade. In a characteristically self-indulgent post, I'll offer my 10 most memorable stories from 2000 through 2009.

And that's it for now. I'd say, "Happy New Year," but as noted, I intend to check in again before we actually get to that point.




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