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46° Good Afternoon

Sunday reading: Baseball People of the Year, Rafael Soriano, Alex Rodriguez and Jamie Moyer

Greetings on this wintry East Coast day. It's rather possible that my family and I got lucky and beat the storm by a day, and now find ourselves in a super-secret location. But I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Anywho, I wrote my final Sunday Insider of the year on Armando Galarraga and Jim Joyce, my Baseball People of the Year. They follow in the footsteps of Greg Anderson (2006), Rachel Robinson (2007), Roger Clemens (2008) and Alex Rodriguez (2009).

My award goes to the person (or people, in this year's case) who remind us how much room for improvement we have as a species.

There also are notes on Rafael Soriano and some international plans for baseball.

--A-Rod spoke optimistically to the New York Daily News of both his team's future and his own health. If Andy Pettitte actually retires, then the Yankees are going to need better performances from A-Rod and Derek Jeter if they want to tread water early in the season and hope that a frontline starting pitcher becomes available.

It's entirely feasible that both men product at least slight upticks over their '10 campaigns.

--The great Larry Stone of the Seattle Times has an interview with Jamie Moyer, who talks about a comeback (from Tommy John surgery) in 2012 and challenging those who think he is done. 

What a great story it would be if he came back. But...he was a definitively below average starting pitcher in 2009 and 2010, and if you go to his page and check out his platoon splits of recent years, he doesn't pitch better against lefties (which makes sense, given that he's a changeup guy), so being a LOOGY is out.

If you break it down, Moyer's primary problem has been that, when hitters connect on his stuff, they hit it hard and far. He allowed 20 homers in 111.2 IP this past year and 27 in 162 IP in 2009.

In any case, some club, maybe even the Phillies, will give Moyer a minor-league contract in 2012, just because of who he is. And we'll see for ourselves.

--Have a great day. I'll be out of commission this coming week, but if anything breaks today (unlikely, but then again, Cliff Lee signing with the Phillies was unlikely), I'm on the clock.

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