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Good Evening

Sunday reading: Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Yankees-Red Sox and the winter meetings

So the Derek Jeter deal is set once he passes the physical, and for my column, I wrote that the Yankees are on a course to keep the payroll pretty much where it was in 2010. 

I'm surprised that the insta-feedback - meaning what fans have shouted out to me on Twitter - has been so against the deal. Frustration with the Yankees for giving into Jeter so much.

I have to disagree. I don't think they gave in that much. They went up a year and $11 million from their initial offer of three years and $45 million, and if Jeter opts out of the deal after 2013, then all the better for the Yankees.

Yes, an annual average value of about $16 million is too high for the Jeter who put up the numbers he did in 2010. But he is just one season removed from an MVP-caliber 2009, and look, we are talking about the revered team captain here. I'm all in favor of making him take a pay cut, and kudos to the Yankees for pulling it off.

But what do people want? A one-year, $6-million deal for Jeter? 

--Mariano Rivera said this could be his last contract. Or not. 

--George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin will learn about their Hall of Fame chances tomorrow morning.

--Here's my winter meetings primer

--My Sunday Insider features items on the Yankees and Red Sox, Hisanori Takahashi and closers.

 --I like the Cardinals' signing of Lance Berkman. A good one-year investment for a guy who sure didn't seem done in his final month with the Yankees.

--OK, I'm off to Orlando and will try to check in later today. Should be another extremely busy week . And tonight, from Orlando, I'll be on "Sports Extra" on Fox 5 in New York with Duke Castiglione.

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