Off yesterday's Yankees game, I advocated that Francisco Cervelli continue to catch the majority of the time, even as Jorge Posada is ready to return to action.

It's partly an endorsement of Cervelli, who has been terrific. While his offense will obviously decelerate, it appears to be more than fine for a catcher. And defensively, the Yankees pitchers clearly love working with him.

More to the point, however, using Cervelli at catcher and Posada at designated hitter against right-handed starting pitchers is the best usage of the Yankees' current assets.

Who knows if we'll even see Nick Johnson again this season? You could argue that Posada at DH and Cervelli at catcher is a better combination, factoring in both offense and defense, than Johnson at DH and Posada at catcher.

--Alfredo Aceves became the third player in two days, after Johnson and Robinson Cano on Friday, to leave a game with an injury. It appears that Aceves isn't injured too badly. Saturday felt like a wacky day, in all, when you combine the rain delay with two injury departures (Boston's Ramon Ramirez, in addition to Aceves) and a blowout that left Red Sox outfielder Jonathan Van Every pitching the ninth.

So much for Boston's resurgence. The Sawx are under .500 again, and I know it's still so early, but to use a line from the "Star Wars" movies, I've got a bad feeling about this. They just don't seem to be able to go toe-to-toe with the Yankees or Rays.

Of course, I'm sure many would've offered the same opinions about the 2005 Yankees or 2007 Yankees at this time of those seasons.

--CC Sabathia just missed out on a win and, in the process, reminded us of what a silly statistic the win is. It seemed like everyone was cool when Sabathia drilled Dustin Pedroia in the tuchus in the third inning. Even if Josh Beckett had zero intent with his wild inning on Friday, the Red Sox seemed to understand why Sabathia felt the need to strike back after Beckett hit two Yankees players (Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter) and knocked down a third in Cervelli.

--Another crazy win for the Mets, who sure seem to be figuring out homefield advantage in their year-old ballpark. There's something to be said for a bullpen giving up a lead but not letting the other team go ahead. I know that Mariano Rivera takes pride that, in the few instances that he does not get a save, he usually at least keeps the game going.

--David Lennon wrote about the Mets catchers thriving in the presence of Bengie Molina. The Giants can't be thrilled that Molina keeps complaining that the Mets didn't offer hiim more money.

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My bet of what went down, and this is mostly speculation: Molina heard through back channels, either during last season or after it, that the Mets were going to come after him hard, and he got excied about the impending payday. Then Jeff Wilpon wouldn't authorize Omar Minaya to offer more than one year, and Molina asked, essentially, "Where's the beef?!"

--Johan Santana pitched better than in his previous start, and Luis Castillo left the game with an injury.

--The Angels have now won two in a row - Hideki Matsui picked up the big hit last night - but I found Mike Scioscia's words Thursday night so compelling that I wrote about them for my Sunday Insider. Scioscia spoke honestly about what it's like to have a collective slump, to have players temporarily lose their edge and their nerve.

The team had a long flight Thursday night, from Boston to Seattle, and in theory, it couldn't have been any fun to travel that kind of distance carrying a seven-game losing streak. Yet maybe that time allowed the Angels to decompress. Or, you know, maybe the Mariners just can't hit.

--With fans on the field an issue once more, Jim Baumbach tracked down a fan who got beat down by Randy Myers, back in 1995.


--Interesting story by the The New York Daily News' Wayne Coffey about Yankees trainer Gene Monahan, who has been battling cancer and hopes to return to the team shortly.

--And finally, here's a great Mother's Day piece on Stacie Barajas, Rod's wife. Happy Mother's Day to Mrs. Insider, Marilyn from South Amboy and all of the other wonderful moms out there.