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Sunday reading: Russell Martin, Derek Jeter, Carlos Silva, the Mets and the Rangers

UPDATE, 8:43 a.m.: My apologies this morning. My hotel Internet connection is very weird. Solving it is far above my pay grade. All of the links below go just to the page, rather than to the specific story mentioned

So...if I've convinced you enough to read one of these links, you can find them on our website. It's just not as easy as I usually make it.

Back to the original post...

At the Yankees' victory in Boston, I wrote about Russell Martin and his success so far. It's just eight games, obviously, but I spoke with a number of people during the winter about the Yankees' signing of Martin, and most wouldn't have believed that Martin could look this good for even this short a period of time. Most thought this was a bad signing.

We'll need the entirety of a season to fully evaluate the move, of course, but you need different people to pick you up at different times, and in this opening stretch, Martin has helped the Yankees overcome some lousy pitching.

Maybe Martin truly is in that much better shape, as he told reporters yesterday. In any case, Martin's production is doing more than just helping the team win games. As I wrote, it's preventing the yakosphere (copyright Neil Best) from pining for a return of Jorge Posada to behind the plate.

--Derek Jeter is sick of discussing his new batting stance. Understandable. While he would never, ever admit it, Jeter has to feel at least mildly concerned about his young season. He's not driving the ball with any authority.

--Robinson Cano, on the other hand, still looks like one of the game's best players.

--The Yankees' signing of Carlos Silva to a minor-league contract once again reflects the team's tough winter. The Yankees now have Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon on their big-league staff and Silva and Kevin Millwood in their minor leagues. They're like Uncle Leo, digging through the garbage to find a watch or a wallet, in "Seinfeld." 

--Red Sox fans are expressing patience, surprisingly, Anthony Rieber writes.

--The Mets prevailed in what looked like an exciting game at Citi Field. Jose Reyes looks good.

--With the Orioles defeating the Rangers, we are now rid of all undefeated and winless teams. It's always a sad milestone for me when we get to this point. Of course, the Rangers then proceeded to win the second game of a doubleheader, improving their record to 7-1.

--Good piece by Tom Rock on concussions in baseball.

--Keep an eye on the blog this coming week for more giveaway contests. There could be quite a few. I'm thinking Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

--Have a great day.


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