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The Angels sign Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson

Good Lord.

The Wilson deal, we saw coming. Pujols? Not so much.

I heard some rumblings about the Angels on Tuesday, but by that time, it seemed like the Pujols Derby was down to the Cardinals and Marlins. And besides, would the Angels - the trailers in recent Hot Stove sweepstakes - really go all out to sign this guy?

The Pujols deal is, of course, crazy. How anyone besides St. Louis - he was such an iconic player for the Cardinals - could give him 10 years escapes my grasp of common sense. 

Wilson, on the other hand, is a pretty good deal. The Angels got him for a lower annual average value than the Yankees are paying A.J. Burnett and the Red Sox are paying John Lackey. And his eccentric personality should play better in laid-back SoCal than it would have in other places.

In the short term, these two acquisitions make the Angels considerably better and make the American League playoff race more exciting.

All right, gonna crank out a news story and column, and then it's off to the airport. Thanks for all of the participation this week. These meetings are always exhausting, but they're fun and productive, too.

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