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The Edinson Volquez suspension

It's funny. Will Carroll first tweeted yesterday that a player was getting suspended for failing a performance-enhancing drug test. Info came out in drips and drabs, with much suspense over the identity of the perpetratror.

Then Jon Heyman broke the story that Cincinnati's Edinson Volquez was the mystery man. And the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) sighed in disappointment.

Edinson Volquez?! He's injured! His suspension doesn't impact the pennant race, or fantasy leagues.

He's not a household name! That means that no idiot Congressmen or -women can decry the moral breakdown of our great American game.

Can't it be someone else?!

Alas, it's Edinson Volquez. It's interesting that he and Josh Hamilton, the player whom Texas acquired for him in a memorable trade, both have faced discipline from Major League Baseball for drug usage.

It's interesting, too, that Volquez is deploying the Manny Defense: "I was using fertility drugs!" 

But ultimately, it is what it is. Volquez got caught, or made a mistake, or whatever. I'm not sure why it even makes a difference.

The evolution of this story, from hype to letdown, reflects the double standard that exists with this stuff. Sure, it's a bigger story when Manny Ramirez gets suspended than when Edinson Volquez is. .

But why should one appear worse on the morality scale? Only because a big name like Manny allows the finger-waggers to jump into action.

--The Red Sox are turning to jelly. Mike Cameron is on the disabled list, and Jacoby Ellsbury appears to be following him there.

--Sympathies to the Rockies and the familiy of team president Kelli McGregor, who died suddenly today.

--The Astros activated Lance Berkman off the disabled list, and the slugger will play tonight.

--Major League Baseball rescinded Cliff Lee's suspension, a rather unsual reversal of fortune.




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