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The Francisco Rodriguez mess

 I'm sitting here in the Citi Field press box, and I'm not sure when I'll be heading home. To our knowledge, Francisco Rodriguez is still being held in custody at the New York City police precinct right here in the ballpark, so Anthony Rieber and I are sharing stakeout duty.

Insane. One minute, we're talking about whether Jerry Manuel should've used K-Rod in the eighth inning of this ugly loss. The next, we're working the phones to get in touch with NYC police officials and looking up "third-degree assault."

It's waaay too early to start figuring out any sort of ramifications, be they baseball or legal. We'll hopefully get a clearer picture of things later Thursday. But it's not too early to say that K-Rod has some anger issues. Remember, earlier this season, he had the altercation with Mets bullpen coach Randy Niemann

Many people who perform K-Rod's job work themselves into a lather for work's sake; the placid Mariano Rivera seems to serve as the exception. But K-Rod seems to struggle leaving those emotions on the field.

So...we'll see what the day brings. I'll be sure to check in with updates.

--And in a story that's going to be completely overlooked, the Yankees picked up one of their best victories of the season, coming back against Cliff Lee and the Rangers to prevail in Texas.

UPDATE, 1:55 a.m.: We gave up stakeout duty once we learned that K-Rod would be arraigned this morning in Queens. I'm home. Here are your updated playoff seeds:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Minnesota (3) or White Sox (3), Texas (2) vs. Tampa Bay (4)

NL: San Diego (1) vs. St. Louis (3), Atlanta (2) vs. San Francisco (4)

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