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The latest on Johnny Damon and Jason Bay, plus the Milton Bradley trade

Catching up on the day's events...

--Here's my understanding of what went down with the Yankees and Johnny Damon on Thursday:

1) As the Yankees grew increasingly encouraged about their negotiations with Nick Johnson, they reached out to Damon, still their top choice to be DH/leftfielder, and let him know that time was running out.

As the two sides went at it rather intensely, the Yankees said they'd be willing to give Damon two years and $14 million. Scott Boras, Damon's agent, responded that Damon would sign for no less than two years and $26 million.

2) With that, in the Yankees' minds, they had given Damon the courtesy of one last chance. They moved forward and agreed to terms with Johnson on a one-year, $5.5 million contract.

3) Boras called back and said Damon would be open to a two-year, $22-million package. Brian Cashman said that sorry, it was too late. They couldn't go back on their agreement with Johnson.

Let's wait and see where Damon ends up, and how much money he gets. But at this point, it appears that Damon and Boras didn't take the Yankees' rhetoric seriously enough.

Where do the Yankees go from here? Starting pitching. They'll wait out this free-agent market and see what bargains emerge. They'll get someone. My early guess is Justin Duchscherer.

--The Mets didn't hear back from Jason Bay today, and while there have been serious talks, there's no indication that they're very close to a resolution.

It's very simple: Bay isn't happy with the team, the offer or both. It's for sure the offer. Is it the team? I don't know that for sure, and from reading my competitors closely, I'm not sure anyone really has a handle on Bay's mindset right now.

--Interesting trade between the Cubs and Mariners, exchanging albatrosses in Milton Bradley and Carlos Silva. The edge goes to the Mariners because Bradley has the higher upside, but there's no doubt that Bradley is a risk both because of his health and his behavior.

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