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The Marlins' pursuit of Albert Pujols - and there's a live chat tomorrow

St. Louis Cardinals' Albert Pujols reacts after Game

St. Louis Cardinals' Albert Pujols reacts after Game 7 of baseball's World Series against the Texas Rangers. (Oct. 28, 2011) Credit: AP

Here's my proposed gameplan for the 2012 Mets, who will likely begin the season with David Wright aboard. Terry Collins addressed life without Jose Reyes.

The Yankees are indeed interested in Hiroki Kuroda.

Congratulations to the late Ron Santo, a worthy addition to the Hall of Fame. While the Veterans Committee would never admit such a thing, there had to be pressure to elect someone from the ballot of 10 nominees, given that the Baseball Writers Association of America probably won't elect more than one player (Barry Larkin is the favorite) in our upcoming ballot.

And yes, winter meetings live chat tomorrow at 10:00 my time, 11:00 Eastern time. Wouldn't you like to be the inaugural Winter Meetings Live Chat MVP? 

The big story today, I anticipate, will be Albert Pujols, whose situation appears to be close to reaching a resolution. That's thanks to the Marlins' surge of interest in signing him.

When the Marlins initially made an offer to Pujols, back around the time of the general managers' and owners' meetings last month, owner Jeffrey Loria admitted to friends that the offer wouldn't get it done. It seemed like a PR stunt.

But just as Florida raised its offer significantly to Reyes, so it has occurred with Puols. The Cardinals are now worried there's a real possibility that Pujols indeed signs with the Marlins. Miami GM Larry Beinfest has told other folks on the club he's growing increasingly optimistic of the team actually adding Pujols to its winter stash of Reyes and Heath Bell.

Let's not jump the gun here. As I schmoozed in the hotel lobby here last night, most folks still thought Pujols would remain with the Cardinals. One official from another club believed that Pujols' wife very much wanted to stay in St. Louis, and we never fully know all of the dynamics that go into this decision, right?

But the Marlins - the Marlins, for crying out loud! - sure have livened up these meetings. I'm not sure what they're doing makes great baseball sense. But it makes for great discussion.

--I'll try to check in later today, but no promises. Sorry.

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