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The Mets' loan and Joe Torre's new job

We've confirmed the original reports by The New York Times and The Daily News that the Mets received a $25-million loan from Major League Baseball last November.

Seriously, at this point, if you think the Wilpons can survive this labyrinth of loans and lawsuit (singular, but enormous), then you're awfully optimistic. Bordering on unrealistic. My goodness.

--Joe Torre will officially become Major League Baseball's executive vice president for baseball operations tomorrow, and back in January, I was skeptical that Torre would actually take this position. Bad job by me.

My understanding is that Torre will spend "significant" time in New York, as I wrote in the story, but not all of his time; his family appears likely to stay back in Los Angeles.

It's a good hire for MLB, as Torre brings instant credibility. I'm just still surprised this is what he wants to do. It will be entertaining, however, when he has to be accountable for a player's suspension and a manager complains - just as Torre used to complain about MLB discipline.

--Have a good night, for real this time.

--UPDATE, 10:24 p.m.: Here's my Rays column. Consider this now to be your "Saturday reading" entry, served early.



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