It is striking here, just how happy everyone is. I guess it makes sense. The Mets players had all winter to mope about how poorly '09 went, so at least being able to go out there and get some work in has some rewards.

Of course, the Mets' front office had all winter to improve the club, and they did that a litlte, but probably not enough.

First impressions: Jose Reyes, not unlike Brett Favre, looks like a big kid out there. It's like he has a permanent smile frozen on his face.

David Wright is definitely slimmer than he has been in the past, and that goes double for Mike Pelfrey.

I'm not expecting Kelvim Escobar to be ready for the start of the season. When he signed with the Mets, he did so with the understanding that he would progress deliberately from the shoulder problems that have held him back. His goal is not to be on the Opening Day roster. It's to get to a place physically so that, once he gets activated, he's good to go for the rest of the way.

Jason Bay seems very relaxed, just as he did in Boston. I saw him conversing with Wright and then his ex-Red Sox teammate (in 2008) Alex Cora.

For now, there's optimism. Said Pelfrey: "A lot of people picked us to win the World Series (last year). I don’t see why we can’t do it now."

Really, if you're a Mets fan, you have to wonder whether this - these smiles, these hopes - will be as good as it gets this season.

--Funny comments by Bengie Molina about the Mets' pursuit of him this past winter, at the bottom of this story by Danny Knobler - which I found, of course, on Twitter. My sense is, most Mets fans are very grateful that the Mets didn't increase their offer to Molina.

--Interesting story about Hall of Famer and current U.S. Senator Jim Bunning. Thanks to my pal Andy Cahn for the link.

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--Manny Ramirez outlines his future (not really) in this story.