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The Ryan Braun ruling

In a word, hilarious.

Hilarious that this monumental case, which occupied so much space in the yakosphere (trademark Neil Best) for the past two and a half months, was decided by a urine sample collector's failure to appreciate that most FedEx/Kinko's branches are open late.

To clarify: When I write "hilarious," I don't think it's a miscarriage of justice by independent arbitrator Shyam Das. Rather, I think Braun's agents did a spectacular job of finding a way out of this and ending MLB's undefeated streak at 12 grievances.

Chain of custody is of course a legitimate issue. By storing Braun's sample in his home overnight, this unnamed collector called into question what happened in the sample's journey to the lab for testing.

Innocent until proven guilty. It's a beautiful thing.

We're left, certainly, with the impression that Braun got lucky. That he indeed took illegal PEDs and draws points for savvy, but not integrity.

That impression couldn't be less relevant. It shouldn't be, at least. Braun went through the collectively-bargained proces, and he prevailed. End of story.

The Brewers, meanwhile, having Braun aboard for a full season, are back in serious contention for the NL Central.

A stunning development, for sure. I don't know if this is what John Sterling has in mind when he says you can't predict baseball. It applies, though.


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