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The Yankees' and Mets' holiday wish lists

The Yankees' Alex Rodriguez fields a ball hit

The Yankees' Alex Rodriguez fields a ball hit by Texas' Ian Kinsler during Game 6 of the ALCS. (Oct. 22, 2010) Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

What the heck, there's not much else going on, anyway:


1. Andy Pettitte wakes up this morning and says, "You know what? My life simply won't be complete unless I get to 250 career victories."

2. Yankees doctors discover a crayon in A.J. Burnett's brain and dislodge it, just like with Homer in this "Simpsons" episode, and Burnett emerges ready to fully capitalize on his natural talent.

3. Derek Jeter decides to channel his anger into his game, focusing on a bounceback 2011 season (this very likely is already in the process of happening).

4. During their time together in Mexico, Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz review video of A-Rod's 2010 season and come with brilliant solutions on how A-Rod can regain a step defensively and look more balanced at the plate.

5. Some low-cost Coffey might make some sense. Seems like Todd's subpar 2010 resulted partly from some bad luck. There isn't much more out there on the righty relief market.


1. Good health for Carlos Beltran.

2. Good health for Jose Reyes.

3. Good health long-term for Johan Santana. Shoot, if he misses all of 2011 but is close to his old self for 2012? That's a trade the Mets would have to make.

4. Good health for Jason Bay.

5. A time machine that would allow the Mets to go back a month or so and decide against doing this.

6. Terry Collins finds $80,000 in casino chips, just like Doug at the end of "The Hangover," allowing the club to bid a little more for Chris Young.

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