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They were Mets, and they were Yankees, too

DWIGHT GOODEN, Pitcher Mets (1984-1994): 305 G, 157-85

Mets (1984-1994): 305 G, 157-85 WL, 3.10 ERA, 2,169.2 IP, 1,875 K
Yankees (1996-97, 2000): 67 G, 24-14 WL, 4.67 ERA, 341.1 IP, 223 K
Credit: AP

The old joke from back in the 1980s when George Steinbrenner was ruling the Yankees was that every player in the major leagues used to play for the Yankees. Someone even made a song about it, which seems to have existed only on cassette way back when.

(The Onion did a superb job mocking this concept back in February 2003, by the way.)

So, if everyone in MLB has played for the Yankees, then surely some of them have played for the Mets, too. Well, a total of 112 players have worn both a Met and Yankee uniform. And to help prepare you for another round of the Subway Series this Friday-Sunday in the Bronx, see those 112 names, photos and stats right here.

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