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Ump asked fans to stop tipping off pitches for Mets

First base umpire Jim Joyce argues with Detroit

First base umpire Jim Joyce argues with Detroit Tigers players after the final out of the Tigers' 3-0 win. With two outs in the ninth, Joyce missed a call at first base that would have given Detroit's Armando Galarraga a perfect game. (June 2, 2010) Credit: AP

Home plate umpire Jim Joyce stopped play in the eighth inning of the Mets' 7-3 victory over the Marlins on Saturday afternoon to ask that fans behind home plate stop tipping off pitch locations for Mets hitters.

"Apparently, there was a couple of fans screaming out location or something like that," Mets catcher John Buck said. "So, obviously, we don't want that. That could get somebody hurt. That's Little League. But we appreciate the passionate fans."

According to Buck, the veteran umpire Joyce intervened when Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo realized that fans were shouting out locations with pitcher Chad Qualls in the game.

Said Buck: "Olivo picked up on it and started moving and stuff."

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