1. The Mets will lose tonight at Florida, win tomorrow night and then lose Sunday, departing Miami with a 19-19 record. At .500, they'll be where they're supposed to be.

Questions about the team will linger, and none larger than those about Jose Reyes. Having failed to lay down a bunt both Wednesday and Thursday, Reyes will meet with accomplished bunter Rod Carew to try to improve his craft. But Reyes will come away from the session, disappointingly, focused on getting his name in an Adam Sandler song.

The Mets' poor performance on the road, meanwhile, will cause Phillies' manager Charlie Manuel to say, "See! I told you they were cheating at home!" Manuel will then turn to an inconsolable infant and say, "Keep crying."

2.The Yankees will record a three-game sweep of the Twins in their American League Division Series rematch, and Andy Pettitte will return from his elbow injury by limiting the Minnesota offense to two runs over 5 2/3 innings.

"I'm not very happy at all," Pettitte will repeat Saturday. Thankfully for the Yankees, however, that will occur after the left-hander spends $500 a head to see "The Addams Family" on Broadway.

3. Dallas Braden, pitching tonight for the first time since his perfect game, will set a record by striking out 22 Angels at Angel Stadium, further extending his previously prescribed "15 minutes of fame." Tomorrow, to make matters worse for Alex Rodriguez, Braden will travel to nearby Hollywood and receive a star at the Walk of Fame.

Rather than reading, simply, "Dallas Braden," which is standard for honorees, Braden will instead opt for "Stick it, A-Rod."

4. The Mariners will sweep the Rays at Tropicana Field, outscoring them by a total of 38-4 over the three days, and Ken Griffey, Jr. - playing near his Orlando-area home - will shine brightest. Looking like his 25-year-old self, Griffey will slam five home runs and rob Evan Longoria of a homer Saturday by leaping over the centerfield wall. Following Sunday's victory, the other Mariners players will celebrate by carrying Griffey off the field on their shoulders...

...and then Griffey will wake up, in the seventh inning Sunday. The Rays will take two out of three, with Griffey starting once and going 1-for-6 overall.

--It was indeed a brutal loss for the Mets last night, and free advice to Jerry Manuel going forward: 1) Put Jose Reyes back in the leadoff spot. How about trying Angel Pagan as the ninth hitter? ; and 2) Stop using Fernando Nieve every single day. If you're going to have Jenrry Mejia in the bullpen, rather than as a minor-league starter, then use the guy in more high-leverage situations.

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Meanwhile, Manuel says he still has faith in Oliver Perez. Why, I have no idea.

--David Lennon spoke with Daniel Murphy in Port St. Lucie. Murphy is a good kid, so it's natural to feel a little bad for him. But as he said in this column, it's baseball. Ike Davis represents an upgrade over Murphy. It's smart of the Mets to try to turn Murphy into a more versatile utility man.

--In this wacky story, former player Bernie Carbo told ESPN he planned to have Keith Hernandez's arms broken, due to Hernandez's testimony in the 1985 Pittsburgh drug trial.

--As for the Yankees, Nick Swisher hopes that he can return to the lineup today. At this point, you have to give the Yankees the benefit of the doubt for their poor series in Detroit. They are, after all, 22-12.

--The Yankees recalled Juan Miranda and sent Kevin Russo back to the minors.


--Good piece by Erik Boland on Francisco Cervelli, who has worked his way into the conversation, "Who will be the Yankees' everyday catcher once Jorge Posada retires/moves to DH?"

--The Royals fired Trey Hillman as their manager, and you can read in the linked Joe Posnanski piece that Hillman made a slew of mistakes in his first big-league managing job. I admit, having known Hillman since his years managing in the Yankees' minor leagues, I thought he would perform better.

But...it's also clear that Hillman had terrible groceries with which to cook, to borrow the old Bill Parcells saying. Brian Cashman has always been a Hillman fan, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Hillman wound up with the Yankees as an adviser/consultant - or, should an opening occur in Joe Girardi's coaching staff, as a coach.

Thanks to Twitter, which I haven't known as long as I've known Hillman, for the Posnanski link.

--Live chat today at noon. Who will be this week's Live Chat MVP? You've gotta be in it to win it.