Good Morning
Good Morning

Weekend predictions: Mets, Yankees and Reds

 First, your updated playoff seeds:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Minnesota (3), Texas (2) vs. Tampa Bay (4)

NL: San Diego (1) vs. St. Louis (3), Atlanta (2) vs. San Francisco (4)

Now, your predictions:

1. The Mets will win two of three games against the Phillies, and by prevailing tonight over Cole Hamels, they'll record their first two-game winning streak since June 22-23.

R.A. Dickey will pitch a complete game for the victory, meaning the Mets will have covered up for the two-game absence of Francisco Rodriguez - without using a reliever

K-Rod will return to the active roster Saturday and get the save Sunday night, yet he won't be pleased when reporters approach him after the game.

"I'm not talking. Did I ___ pitch? Then why do I have to talk to you guys?" he'll ask. 

" did pitch," a reporter will respond. "You got the save."

"My mistake!" Rodriguez will say with a smile, just like Freakshow said in "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle." "Ask me anything."

2. The Yankees will drop two of the three remaining games to the Royals at Kauffman Stadium, and Curtis Granderson, coming off a strong game Thursday night, will continue his disturbing 2010 trend of following good performances with bad ones.

"We love Kevin Long as our hitting coach," Joe Girardi will say. "However, we think Curtis needs to hear a new voice. Kevin will stay, but we're going to bring in an assistant, a guy who has helped us in the past."

3. The Reds will drop two of three games to Florida at home, and even worse, Brandon Phillips will continue to stir up trouble, even after instigating his team's brawl with the Cardinals earlier this week.

"I hate them," Phillips will tell reporters tonight. "All they do is __ and __ about everything, all of them. They're little __, all of them."

"I don't necessarily disagree with Brandon," Reds manager Dusty Baker will say. "But still, that's no way to talk about Congress."

--I'll be at Citi Field tonight and will check in from there.




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