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Weekend predictions: Yankees and Mets

Your new playoff seedings:

AL: Yankees (1) vs. Texas (3), Minnesota (2) vs. Tampa Bay (4)

NL: San Diego (1) vs. Philadelphia (4), Atlanta (2) vs. Cincinnati (3)

Thoughts: Shoot, if Texas keeps playing like this - the Rangers now have lost four straight - then maybe the Yankees won't mind a first-round draw against Cliff Lee and company. But I have a hunch that Texas will be playing better baseball soon.

Onto the predictions: 

 1. The Yankees will drop two of three games to lowly Seattle at home, frustrating manager Joe Girardi once more. 

"I get tired of talking about it, I know that," the Yankees' manager will say Sunday, after a 5-2 loss.

"You get tired of talking about what?" a confused reporter will ask.

"Baseball," Girardi will say. "Doesn't anyone here ever see a movie?"

Andy Pettitte, meanwhile, will address Roger Clemens' indictment. "I have a great memory," Pettitte will say. "When I testify, I'll just say what I remember." Little will Pettitte know, however, that Clemens plans to replace the inept Rusty Hardin with a new attorney, one who has a reputation for discrediting witnesses.

2. The Mets will take two of three games from the Pirates in Pittsburgh, recording their first road series victory of the year against a National League team.

"This is pathetic," Jerry Manuel will reiterate. "But enough about the Pirates. Let's talk about the Mets now."

Feeling emboldened by their past week, meanwhile, the Mets will announce they're converting Oliver Perez's contract to a non-guaranteed deal.

"There's strong evidence and there's witnesses," Jeff Wilpon will say, "to the contention that we were not of sound mind when we gave Ollie this money."

--Does Pedro Feliz help the Cardinals? No, according to this FanGraphs piece. Feliz is indeed having an absolutely dreadful season. But as recently as last season with the Phillies, Felix provided some nice value. I don't think it would be tragic for the Cardinals to try Feliz for a few games and see what happens.

--Good piece by Baseball America on the best tools in the game

I never would've found these last two pieces if not for Twitter. Twitter is amazing. It even goes well with orange.

--Have a great day.


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