Good Morning
Good Morning

Weekend predictions: Yankees, Mets and Marlins

1. The Yankees will enjoy seeing Joe Torre before Friday's game, but they'll enjoy the entire weekend less, as the Dodgers will win two of three games at Dodger Stadium.

The presence of Torre will somehow cause the Core Four to revert to their very worst tendencies. Derek Jeter will get thrown out trying to steal third base with two outs (scroll down); Jorge Posada will be charged with three passed balls; Andy Pettitte will let Rafael Furcal steal home; and Mariano Rivera will give up a walkoff grand slam.

"That's a weekend for the book," Torre will say. "And I'm not speaking proverbially. I mean, I'll include it in my next book."

Asked about the weekend's developments, Alex Rodriguez will tell reporters, "I'll discuss anything and anyone besides Joe Torre."

"Okay," a reporter will respond, "how about Anthony Galea?"

"Let's talk about Torre," A-Rod will counter.

2. The Mets will close out their interleague schedule by dropping two of three to the dangerous Twins, and Sunday's loss will be particularly distressing. Following a 184-minute, third-inning delay to account for rain, sleet, frogs and an impromptu Banner Day parade, the Mets will bring back Jon Niese because he threw only 49 pitches before the delay.

Niese clearly won't 't have his best stuff after the break, and despite creating an actual white flag, throwing a towel toward the Mets' dugout and then burning an "SOS" message onto the grass surrounding the Citi Field mound, he won't get lifted by Jerry Manuel until there are two outs in the fifth.

Jerry Seinfeld, again in the SNY booth, will frown at the Niese ugliness and exclaim, "Sweet Fancy Moses!"

3. The Marlins will split the first two games of their weekend home seires with San Diego, and on Sunday, interim manager Edwin Rodriguez will get thrown out of the game for arguing a close play at first base.

At that point, a mysterious figure will sneak into the Marlins' dugout, come up with a series of brilliant tactical decisions and lead Florida to victory.

--Speaking of Bobby Valentine, now virtually set to manage the Marlins, Anthony Rieber wrote a good column about what it will be like having Bobby V. back in the NL East.

--Good piece by David Lennon about Jose Reyes and David Wright, and their riches-to-rags-to-riches tales.

--Carlos Beltran clearly won't play in next week's games against the Marlins in Puerto Rico. It would be highly surprising if he played in the major leagues prior to the All-Star break.

--Angel Pagan could return to the Mets' lineup tomorrow.

--More details surfaced about Johan Santana's incident from last October in Florida, and they obviously don't make Santana look very good. He appears to be out of trouble, legally, which is most important from his and the Mets' standpoint. But for someone who casts himself as a community icon, having just hosted a charity event on Monday...he takes at least a short-term hit.

--Here's another nice story on Wright, from Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger.

--Fox is running Yankees-Dodgers in prime time tomorrow night, Neil Best reports, in the hopes of scheduling more Saturday night games next year. I admit, those games are a pain for me, with tight deadlines for our Sunday paper. But last month's Yankees-Mets game at Citi Field was quite enjoyable nonetheless.

--Have a great weekend. I'll check in Sunday morning.


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